Grace with an attitude

When I was going through a difficult time, I got the bright idea to adopt a puppy. What could be more wonderful than the unconditional love of a dog jumping on you and peeing on your carpet every night when you come home? Before that happened; however, I got a crazy idea. I was browsing through the humane society newsletter and saw some cats described as affectionate. It had never occurred to me that a cat could be affectionate. I always thought they had an attitude. So, I decided to adopt a cat. Very shortly afterwards, I got a mass email from my cousin looking for homes for a new litter of kittens.

A few days later I was holding my new one pound kitten in my arms. I named her Grace after God's grace (unconditional love and favor). I figured it was a great name because animals ar the epitome of unconditional love and favor. So, I was surprised when my sweet little kitten insisted on attacking my fingers and toes. Over the years, I learned to appreciate Grace and her attitude. She may sing complaints when I pick her up. She may run and hide. She may even try to hiss and bite. But she is full of love and grace in her own way. I took her to the vet the other day. (Keep in mind she has a "will bite" sticker on her folder at the vet). Grace did not like me after that trip to the vet. She ran and hid and would have nothing to do with me. A short time later she climbed onto my shoulder and started purring, like nothing had happened.

No matter how mad Grace gets, she always forgives me. That, to me, is a love worth adopting. The crazy thing is, it inspires me to love her back unconditionally. No matter how many times I get hissed at and nipped at, I always forgive her. I guess Grace really does live up to her name after all.

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