Introducing a new cat

Introducing a new cat can take a little patience. Your existing cats may see the cute new bundle of joy as a threat to their status as king or queen of the house.

Here's some tips that can really help:
  • Be sure to have any new pet examined by a vet before bringing them into your house. Especially have them checked for FIV and Feline Leukemia, which can be passed to your other cats.
  • Give your new cat their own room where they can be away from all other animals. This is a good room to put the new cat's toys, bed, litter box, food and scratching post in.
  • It is likely that the cats will hiss at each other even if there is a closed door between them
  • Rub a towel on each cat and let the other(s) smell that cat on the towel
  • Change places for the cats a few times. Let the new cat have the run of the house while the existing cat(s) are checking out the new cat's room.
  • Wait a day or two, then open the door a little bit and let the cat's sniff each other.
  • When you feel it's time, let the cat's play together under your supervisou. Some hissing and growling is nothing to be concerned about. However, it they start getting very physically aggressive, it's time for you to intervene.
  • Reward the cats with praise and treats if they're being good.
  • If things aren't going well, separate the cats.
  • Make sure to separate the cats when no one is home until you're confident they've learned to tolerate or befriend each other.
  • Try to give all cats equal love and attention, so they don't get jealous.
  • Make sure they have their own litter boxes and food supply.
This can take a while anywhere from a few hours to months. Don't get discouraged. It took Grace and Korina quite a while to adjust to each other. Now they run after each other playing and wresting. Korina has even learned to copy Grace.

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