Angel's Wish On-Line Auction to help Animals June 1-30, 2009

Angel's Wish will again be having an on-line auction, during June 1-30, 2009. We need your help to make this a success! We need both sponsors for the auction itself (up to 8 businesses), and lots of great items for people to bid on during the auction. You can donate on the auction website or bring items to the Angel's Wish Pet Adoption and Resource Center. Thank you for your support!
Donation Benefits and Information What we're looking for
There is no limit to what we can put in our auction catalog. Gift certificates often bring the highest donation, but items can be very popular, too. We can even combine items with your partners to create an attractive package item. Bidders like both practical and luxury items and services. Unique experiences that you can't get elsewhere, like lunch with a local celebrity, a private lesson from an expert, or VIP passes to a concert or event also generate lots of interest. We also have a list of unique, high interest items we can get at or below wholesale; contact us if you would wish to sponsor one of these items.

Why you should be involved
Because Angel's Wish is leveraging a powerful community to raise a significant amount of money for helping pets.
Because auctions are a fun way to raise a lot of money for a good cause.
Because it's a great way for you to achieve widespread visibility by tapping into an engaged, active community to promote your products and services.
Your donation is tax-deductible and will be used to further our mission of helping homeless animals and educating our community on animal welfare issues.

The Benefits of Being a Donor
Each item you add to our catalog, we'll include your logo and a link to your website. It's a great way to drive traffic to your website!
To promote the auction, we'll send at least six targeted email communications to our email database. Remember, our members will pass along our e-mail messages to their own friends and family-so there is no telling how many people our message will reach!
We'll feature the Auction for Animals on our homepage, put reminders in our newsletters, and hand out auction info to potential bidders at our Pet Adoption and Resource Center, Mound's Dog Fest, Verona Hometown Days, and the Oregon Summer Fest Parade. We're also expecting excellent media coverage. It all means more people will visit our catalog, see your logo, and potentially click through to your website.
In promotional emails and on the auction homepage, we will highlight "featured items". All items donated valued at $100 or more will be chosen as a featured item in at least one email and on the auction home page for a week. Bidders can click directly through to the item in the catalog, where they'll see the link to your website.

Help us care for homeless pets
You can help Angel's Wish help care for nearly a thousand pets, provide humane education to youth, and provide educational outreach, just by donating an item or two! Have a question or suggestions? Contact us!

Donate an item to the auction
Visit our auction website right now and click on "Donate an Item" or fill out the form below and return it to us to let us know what you'd like to contribute! The auction website is already available to the public; the sooner you donate the sooner you'll reap the benefits!

Item Donation Form (PDF)
Item Donor Letter (PDF)

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