What You Can Do About Hairballs

There is no "cure" for hairballs, but there are some things that you can do to minimize the rate of regurgitation:

Groom your cat. The more hair you can get off your cat by brushing him, the less he will swallow. Brush your cat regularly, then wipe your kitty down with a damp cloth to remove hairs missed by the brush.

Hairball product. If the problem still exists, you can also use petroleum-based products (such as Laxatone) that act as a laxative and lubricant to facilitate the passage of matted hair through the intestine. These products, which are pleasant tasting to cats, can be fed in paste form or applied to your cat's paws to allow your pet to lick it off.

Hairball remedy treats or food . You can also give your cat treats containing mineral oil to break up the hairballs, such as Pounce® hairball treatment. Some pet food companies now manufacture food for cats with recurrent hair or fur ball problems. Ask your veterinarian what she or he recommends.

In my experience, the 
FURminator is one of the best tools on the market today for removing hair and dander from your cat's undercoat. FURminator gets way down into your cat's fur, through the topcoat and into the undercoat, to remove loose hair and dander. And you will be AMAZED to see how much hair it actually removes. 

Information from the Cat Crazy Newsletter by Dr. Jon


  1. We eat hairball control treats daily and we haven't had hairballs in a very long time so they must work. We don't want to give up our treats!

  2. Great advice! I can't imagine how uncomfortable it must be for kitties who suffer from furballs :)

  3. Yes, my kitty had one the other day. I started trying to brush her again. She hates it, but she's going to have to learn it's for her own good.