Tips to Quiet a Barking Dog

Growing up, we had a dog named Benji. He liked to bark and bark and bark, especially when left home alone. So, what can you do if this is a problem for you?
  • Give your dog lots of exercise. She'll be more interested in resting than barking when she's tired.
  • Give your dogs bones or a toy to bite. This can be very helpful in keeping your dog occupied so he doesn't bark so much when you're leaving him home alone.
  • Give the dog the gift of your scent. Rub your dog's favorite toy in your hands so, she can be comforted by your presence when you're not home.
  • Make a distracting noise. If your dog likes to bark at certain noises, try making distracting noises like a radio or vacuum cleaner during those times.
  • Pay attention to what your dog is trying to tell you. Sometimes, Fido may have a message he wants to get across. In this case, once you respond to him appropriately, he will quiet down.
  • Reprimand your dog. Tell her to be quiet firmly.
  • Reward your dog. If he quiets down after being reprimanded, pet him, praise him, even give him some treats.
  • Get your dog wet. So, you're at your witts end. You've tried a lot of stuff, you've reprimanded your dog and she's still barking. It may be time to get out the spray bottle and squirt her.

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