Grace, the Human Trainer

Meet Grace. She's a full-time human trainer and it's not an easy job. People are stubborn, they have a tendency to get this silly idea that they're in charge. People don't seem to take the idea that the cat is boss very seriously. But, Grace is good.

She can get people to do a lot of things just by looking cute and sweetly pawing their leg. This gets her anything from turkey, to playtime to free transportation around the house on someone's shoulder. If she wants to go into the porch, just lay by the front door, presto, it opens. For a drink of water from the faucet, she just has to stick her head under it and a human will turn it on.

Grace used to stand in my brother's way and act all tough and hissy. Then he got out the laser pointer and now all of sudden, it's like he was the boss of Grace, at least for a short while.

Since Grace chasing the laser light is so cute and funny, I had to attach a video of it, so everyone can enjoy this scene as much as I do.

NOTE: if you use a laser pointer, please take caution to keep the beam from shining in the cat's eyes.

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